Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: IM1 2020 TJs

Posted by Angus on 04 January 2020 09:13

Motherwell IM 1 qualifying will be held in TJs on Saturday 15th February.

Finals will be held in The Players Lounge, Falkirk on the weekend of 7/8th March.

If everyone wants, we can have a 5 on the day entry fee to play past the qualifiers to get a tournament winner.

Winner 100
R-up 40

First round loser tournament 15 prize money when tables become available. Best of 3.

John MacFarlane 0 - 6 Liam Crowe
Craig Martin 0 - 6 Gregg McMillan
Alan Kinmont v Jimmy McDaid
Gerry Quigley 6 - 0 Alistair Lyons

Angus Cockburn 6 - 0 John Burns
Derek Williams 6 - 0 George Henderson
Stevie Boylan v Dylan Bonar
Ian Sommerville v Alex Struthers

Chris Totten v Bruce Johnston
Sean Hargan 0 - 6 John Curran
Andy Clyde v Robert Williams
Scott Lockens 6 - 0 James Buchanan

Billy Neil v bye
Bryan Taylor v Davie Stewart
Martin Keenan v Sammy Whip
Davie Gillies v Robert Edment

SPA draw below.


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