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Posted by Angus on 07 October 2018 16:49

2019 SPA Mick McGoldrick Individual Membership.

Entries are now being taken for the 2019 series. Closing date for entries is 7th December.

Entry fee is 30 ( this includes 5 SPA player registration fee, which every player who wishes to enter any SPA events now needs to pay.

If you would like to pay Scottish Singles at the same time, the entry fee for this is 10.
This helps us when trying to get entries, while the league is in closed season.

Dates of next year's events are as follows.

IM 1. 2/3 March
IM 2. 13/14 April
IM 3. 21/22 September
IM 4. 19/20 October

Venues to be confirmed

Posted by Angus on 18 November 2018 19:21

Paid - Bold


Billy Neil*
Angus Cockburn*
Liam Crowe
Gregg McMillan
Alan Kinmont*
John Quinn*
John Burns
Derek Welsh (new)
Ashley Dade (new)
Robert McAdam
Ollie Wheelan (new)*
Chris Totten (new)
Andy Clyde (new)
Sean Hargan
Robert Williams
Alex Struthers
Davie Stewart*
Dylan Bonar*
John MacFarlane*
Derek Williams
Ross Ewan (new)*
Robert Edment
Chris Sheehan
Tony Sylvestro
Ian Somerville
Ciaran Burns (new)*
Michael Collumb*
Stewart Smith
Bruce Johnston (new)*
Ryan Fisher*
Alan Gregg (new)*
John Slavin

Scottish Singles

Billy Neil*
Liam Crowe
Gregg McMillan
John Burns
Robert Williams
Alex Struthers
Chris Totten
Dylan Bonar*
Derek Williams
Sean Hargan
Ian Somerville

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Posted by Angus on 12 December 2018 16:22

32 entries = 6 IM finals places.

Down on last year but still good numbers for 7 teams.

Posted by Angus on 19 January 2019 07:20

IM 1
2nd & 3rd March
Styx, Kirkcaldy & Players Lounge, Falkirk

IM 2
13th & 14th April
Corner Pocket, Dalkieth & Shandon, Edinburgh

IM 3
21st & 22nd September
Shandon, Edinburgh & Corner Pocket, Dalkieth

IM 4
19th & 20th October
Players Lounge, Falkirk & Styx, Kirkcaldy